Astro masked

Astro Masked (he appeared only masked till now

This is the fifth episode.This time,the 5 unnamed Altto members name will be revealed.The names are Butt,Rosh,Neg,Maylene and their captain Astro.This mini-Allto-unit is called ,,The 5 grades"".They organized a mini-tour.The battle are:May Vs Butt,Joshie Vs Rosh,Dawn vs Neg,Brock vs Mylene,and Ash vs Astro.

May sends out a Vulpix,and Butt a Snorbok(Snorlax+Arbok).May was easily beated by Butt,from only one move(Serpent Chrash).May Vulpix was taken away by a ,,Steal Ball",and transported(by teleportation)to Altto base.

Joshie sends out,of course,his only pokemon,Muncly.Rosh sends out Ninenine(Ninetails+Arcanine).A flare move vas used,and Joshie's Muncly faints.Rosh launched a Steal Ball to Muncly,which used his fusion special move ,,Lazy Fly" to defend it.Muncly now back in health goes and attacks Ninenine,and succesfuly,wins!

Dawn sended out Flygon and Neg Frosttly(Frostlas+Gastly).Flygon,flying,defended every move that Frosttly did.Then Frosttly used his special fusion move ,,Shadow Avalanche" and defeated Flygon.Flygon was taken away by a Steal ball,and like Vulpix,it was telepported to their base.

The other 2 battle in next episode


  • Butt
  • Rosh
  • Neg
  • Maylene
  • Astro
  • Vulpix
  • Snorbok
  • Ninenine
  • Flygon
  • Frosttly


  • The team (5 grades or Ash's Team)that will have the most winning will won.
  • As reward for 5 grades(if they'll win),Ash and the other will have to leave Fusha Region.And as Reward for Ash's Team(if they'll win),5 grades will return to them the stealed pokemon,and never tell their boss about them.

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