Anime Joshie

Joshie Turtleshells,er,Tortamaller (people often say his last name wrong) is a crazy and very active Pokemon coordnator from the Sinnoh region, who is traveling with Ash in the sixth region with Misty,May,Dawn,Brock,Iris and Cilan. Joshie is Dawn's boyfriend and husband (Joshie thinks the lovliest girl is Dawn), and Lily and Peach 's (don't confuse that with princess Peach from super Mario!) father. Joshie was created in a lab after years of research hundreds of years ago. Joshie never ages,but he looks like a 12-year-old. He has buck teeth, like Goofy, Spongebob Squarepants, Tow Mater, and Larry the cucomber.His voice is Spongebob's voice and Mater's voice combined. The special things about Joshie is that he is left-handed,can walk backwards, blow shaped bubbles and has goofy teeth. Best of all, he has a big,long,green tounge. He does has some sloppy eating habits. His favorite foods are pistachio ice-cream and Wasabi. He is also the artist of Donnymario123's most favorite Pokemon episodes, Joshies Tall Tales! He can be found in Pokémon Fusion where you can battle him.


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Voice acters in the TV showEdit

  • Perry the Stable Guy (english)



  • Joshie is the first ever human to be published in this Wiki