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'Think I'm l'yen'? But I'm true!'- the pharse Joshie says at the beggining of each episode

Joshies Tall Tales are short episodes that premiere after the main Pokemon Fusion Episodes and Movies. It is were Joshie tells Ash, Brock, Misty, May, Dawn, Lily, Peach, Iris, Cilan, silly, but true stories about his past, where he had many jobs, like daredevil, firefighter, bullfighter, and many others. Joshie also says Dawn takes a part with Joshie in his occupations(i.e. you were with me!,you was on my side!,I coulden't have done this without you!), but Dawn does not really beleive his stories(i.e. that never happened to me!,I never worked as that!), but every episode gives a sign that the story is true.

Tall TalesEdit

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Season 1.0Edit

1. Joshie the Im-posh-able

2. Rescue team Joshie

3. Wrastler Joshie

4. UFJ, unidentified flying Joshie

5. El Joshidor

6. Moon Joshie

7. Molten Metel McJoshie

8. Joshie private investigator

9. Toyko Joshie

10. Air Joshie


Joshie has his own manga and TV seires, along with educational comic books and character packs which feature codes for dressing up your trainer and Pokémon like Joshie.