Our heroes now are in Route 3.There,they see a phantom-like pokemon,and a scary old man,called Mr.Score.The old man,sends out his pokemon,Bulbako.The phantom uses a move and makes the route 3 to fall into darkness.This pokemon is called Spirikrai(Spiritomb+Darkrai).Ash sended his Pikabird out,to help the old man's Bulbako.In the middle of the battle,Team Altto Trio appears,and uses a Phantom Ball to catch ,,the mystic pokemon".Ash knows that Spirikrai being free wouldn't be good,but stil,it won't be better if Team Altto has it,so he begand a battle with them.Ash using Pikabird,defeated Altto Trio pokemons,and rescued the Spirikrai.Right then,Ash and th others get to Robotalion City.There they got to ,,Send Room",from Pokemon Center,and sends the Spirikrai to Prof.Kirkdail,who will know what to do with it.After,they hear a girl from the outside saying:,,Help Me!".Then our heroes goes outside.


  • Spiriroak 
  • Mr.Score
  • Unknow Girl(only voice debut)


  • The girl was not shown in this episode,cause,when Ash opened the door,the episode ended.
  • Spiriroak is a pseudo-legendary

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