Pokémon Fusion

Front Cover (DS)

Pokemon Fusion

Front Cover (3DS)

Pokémon Fusion is a Pokémon game created by Nintendo. It is only available on the 3DS and DS. All Pokémon featured are new (except Pikachu). In the 3DS feature, streetpoints can be exchanged for new Pokémon. However, in the DS version you can 1 Poké for each step you walk (In the game). Also, the 3DS contains a Pokémon AR card for Star Pics. There is no transfer station after coCOMING SOON


Pokémon figurines can be bought for $4.99 for 3. Each figure is roughly 2.5". They contain exclusive codes that can be redeemed in the game. Depending on the rarity of the code, you get either TM's, Pokémon, Eggs or Items.

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