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This is a tall-tale where Joshie told Dawn that he used to be a firefighter(and even a docter!), he also said that he rescued her in the building that was on fire, and she even took care for her at the hospital, but Dawn does not really believe it, but it is true anyways


Dawn: hey Joshie, look at these firefighters putting out the fires on those trees!

Joshie: Yup, I used to be a firefighter


Joshie: Yes-gum right!

Man: Fire! Someone call Rescue team Joshie!

(shows all the details around Joshie)


dispatcher: All units! please respond at two-zero-Pokéwanyer way


Joshie: thats that old firework and cosmetic factory!

dispatcher: Right you are, Joshie! now go!

(jumps on fire truck and drives to the street)

ambulance driver: we are on our way!

policeman:wheres Joshie

Joshie:right behind you!

(jumps in slow motion)

(keeps driving)

Feel free to edit and continue the rest of the story! :) (Dont froget Dawns part!)Edit